Client Feedback

Laurel is amazing to work with. I love the way she uses suggestions in the document. Laurel coached me through every step, making the process a breeze. Her professionalism and patience is incredible. I look forward to working with her again in the future, as it was such a great experience.

Adrian J Smith | Author of The Rule of Three

Laurel came highly recommended by a trusted author-friend. It’s not easy to hand over your first “book baby” to a stranger, but I did and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s been my copy editor ever since. Now I’m the one recommending her to other authors!

Lea Kirk | Author of the Prophecy series

Laurel is an apex editor. She quickly earned my trust and respect through her knowledge, professionalism, and fast results. I couldn’t imagine publishing a book without her.

Rachel Aukes | Author of the Deadland Saga and Fringe series

The quality of Laurel’s work is outstanding. As well as having an eagle eye for punctuation and grammatical issues, she tightened up both the prose and dialog in my novels considerably, smoothing out sentence structures and identifying problems in the stories that absolutely needed fixing. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Mike Sheridan | Author of the Outzone Drifter series

Laurel is one of the best I’ve worked with. Efficient, meticulous and professional.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith | Bestselling Author of the Extinction Cycle

Laurel is a dream to work with! We were able to settle on a price that fit my very small budget. She caught so many typos and missing words and also taught me more about the language of science fiction and how SF-specific words are usually written. I’ll be coming back to her with all my proofreading needs.

Rachel Leigh Smith | Author of the A’yen’s Legacy series

My first novel, Sorrel in Scarlet, was edited by my then agent. He did a respectable job, and I was grateful for his aid. When it came to editing Sorrel Snowbound, my agent and I had parted company, and Laurel very kindly agreed to take on the task.

Being edited isn’t easy – your baby is being chopped about and criticised. Laurel was calm, thoughtful, patient and incisive, making the task much less painful, but at the same time she was extremely good at picking up the faults, suggesting effective revisions and curbing my worst crimes against the English language. Once she set to work, she and I corresponded daily by email, with the travelling draft altering and improving by leaps and bounds. She made suggestions and threw in ideas, but still left me with confidence that the end result was my book after all. The difference between Scarlet and Snowbound is visible to anyone who reads them both (which of course you should!) – Scarlet is a good book, but Laurel turned Snowbound from a good to a superb book (in my biased opinion, of course!).

I really wish I’d known Laurel when I wrote Sorrel in Scarlet

Peter Vialls | Author of Sorrel Snowbound

Time was starting to get away with us with the SFRB antho. Laurel’s ability to copy edit so quickly was a great help. For doing it so fast, she did a really outstanding job.

Laurel has a really nice, gentle touch. Copy editors shouldn’t be imposing their preferences, and she didn’t. At the same time she was able to identify when a sentence wasn’t reading clearly and to make a suggestion. Again, very respectful of the author, and comments were tactful.

I found Laurel very easy to work with. It was like we were an instant team. I’ve worked with enough people not to take this phenomenon for granted. I get the impression that establishing good working relationships comes quite naturally to her. It’s a greater asset than she may realize.

Paula Dooley | Developmental Editor of Tales from the SFR Brigade Anthology

When it came time for my next novel to be edited, my previous editor informed me that she was too busy and could not do it this time around. My friends and fellow authors referred me to Laurel Kriegler, who I know through Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday. We negotiated a deal, and I sent my book to her across the pond.

I will admit that, after having an editor in the next room over from me for my first two books, I was not sure how well using an editor several thousand miles away would work. Let me tell you, it worked quite well. Not only did she thoroughly edit my work, she kept me apprised of her progress and promptly sent her edits and suggestions to me. She even accommodated for the spellings of words that differ between British English and American English. When it came to points of contention, Laurel kept an open ear and mind and demonstrated a willingness to work with me to produce the best results.

Good-natured and patient, Laurel’s work as an editor is a cut above the rest. I will be looking to her again for my future editing needs.

Patrick Stutzman | Author of The Anna Foster Chronicles

As an editor, Laurel Kriegler is a delight to work with. She stepped in at short notice to edit SOVRAN’S PAWN when the editor I’d booked months earlier backed out at the last minute. With Laurel I found communication between author and editor to be effortless.

I was a nervous wreck and she held my hand during the editing process, soothing my jangled nerves and bringing out the best in my work. We quickly settled into a rhythm and before I realized it, she had such a complete grasp of my voice and style that she was making suggestions for dialog and narrative that I had to kick myself for not having written in the first place. Initially I resisted some of her changes, but eventually I saw that she was spot on. I learned that if I listen to her in the first place, my work will shine. She edits with a light touch and the result is a beautifully polished final manuscript.

As a result of my experience working with her on SOVRAN’S PAWN, I can recommend her editorial services without reservation. I have complete faith in Laurel’s ability to bring out the very best in my writing. I cannot imagine working with anyone else and have asked her to edit my next book (HERO’S END) as well.

JC Cassels | Author of The Black Wing Chronicles

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