Client Feedback

Laurel is a professional, she’s meticulous and thorough. Her in-depth knowledge of academic research enables her to offer useful feedback throughout the editing process. She has been a pleasure to work with on my academic research and I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

Andre Schild | MBA, GIBS

Laurel has edited various publications and academic reference materials for me, and I am always surprised by her quick and efficient response. The use of track changes in MS Word, which makes the acceptance of various suggestions from her simple, makes life extremely easy and always adds value to my documents. It is always very assuring to know that, once Laurel has checked the document, not only the grammar/language, but also the completeness of the layout, has been attended to. I use her name as a standard reference to all my post-graduate students, and will keep doing this in the future. Thanks for your professional and effective way of editing various materials.

Dr JA Du Plessis | DPhil Civil Engineering, University of Stellenbosch

I was lucky to have had found Laurel to polish my DPhil thesis. I admire Laurel’s proofreading skills. And I admire her professionalism. There were times when we discussed, debated and argued over a certain construction and a certain punctuation. On many occasions I would overrule Laurel’s suggestions only to realise later that the point she had made actually made sense. Laurel meticulously went through my thesis and did a wonderful job of proofreading it.

Dr Nusrat Rizvi | DPhil Education, University of Oxford

Laurel’s contribution to the quality of my work has been invaluable. She has proofread research articles which I have successfully submitted to accredited journals, and proofread and formatted my 486 page DPhil thesis. One of my examiners, who is known to be a stickler for detail, commended me for submitting such a well-edited manuscript.

Laurel is very professional, extremely meticulous and maintains an excellent turnaround time, which enables one to meet tight deadlines and certainly helps to lower one’s stress levels. She can be depended upon to produce work of a very good quality – and at a very reasonable price. I have recommended her to a number of postgraduate students and am happy to recommend her to you.

Dr Lindie Koorts | DPhil History, University of Stellenbosch

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